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Striped Bass Fishing Charters:

Atlantic Striped Bass:

  • Striped bass, once heavily overfished, are now abundant following the implementation of strict management controls on the commercial and recreational fisheries.

  • U.S. federal waters (beyond 3 miles offshore) remain closed to striped bass fishing. In October 2007, an Executive Order encouraged states, where applicable, to designate striped bass as a "gamefish" and prohibited commercial sale of striped bass caught in federal waters. Striped bass caught in state commercial fisheries or raised through aquaculture operations are still available to U.S. consumers in supermarkets and restaurants.

  • Striped bass is a good source of low-fat protein and selenium. For more on nutrition, see Nutrition Facts. (USDA)

  • Striped bass can be wild-caught or farmed. Wild striped bass, often called stripers or rockfish, is caught along the East Coast, mainly in Virginia and Maryland. Most farmed striped bass are actually hybrids, a cross between striped bass and white bass. Both wild caught and farmed striped bass have a slightly sweet flavor.

Life History and Habitat of the Striped Bass:

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Information On Each Species:

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