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Where We Fish - Boston Harbor:

Boston, MA Inshore Fishing Charter

Boston Harbor Striper Fishing Charters:

Most of our inshore Striped Bass fishing Charters are fishing right in Boston Harbor. The many reefs, shoals, ledges and jagged island shorelines make the harbor a paradise for BIG STRIPED BASS. Our Boston fishing charters specialize in fishing with both live Pogies and mackerel, cut bait and light tackle or fly-fishing for Stripers on our 26’ Center Console.

With a $4 Billion waste treatment plant providing clean water and over 30 Islands, 200+ miles of coastline, countless ledges and rips - Boston Harbor provides some of the best Striper habitat and consistent fishing anywhere from Cape Cod to Gloucester.

Winter Flounder Fishing Charters:

Boston Harbor and Quincy Bay have long been known as the flounder capital of the world. Years back there were large rental fleets of skiffs that would dot the bay as anglers pulled in flounders by the thousands. Boston Harbor flounder fishing is as good as it gets.

The last few years have seen very good flounder fishing in and around the bay for most of the summer. The limit is 8 fish per person over 12”. Many fish are in the 18-20” range and weigh up to 4 pounds.

Massachusetts Bay and Stellwagen Bank:

Boston, Massachusetts Groundfish Charters / Cod Charters:

Our Massachusetts Cod Fishing charters fish the waters primarily on and around Stellwagen Bank as well as Massachusetts Bay, Tillies Ledge and Cape Cod bay. Stellwagen Bank is a major feeding ground for not only Cod and Haddock but also Bluefin Tuna, and many of the whale species. Cod, Haddock, Pollack and Wolffish are all a delicious white fish and freeze very well.

Boston, Massachusetts Tuna Charters:

Tuna Fishing out of Boston Mass. can only be described as incredible. Bluefin Tuna are big, incredibly strong and fight harder than any other fish. The water off the Coast of Boston is loaded with Bluefin Tuna. It is not uncommon to see hundreds of Bluefins crashing the surface busting bait schools throughout the course of a Tuna Charter. While we will follow the tuna school from the waters off of Gloucester well into the waters off of Cape Cod, we focus the majority of our fishing on Stellwagen Bank. Stellwagen bank is a primary feeding ground of the Tuna due to the huge population of sand eels (Sand Lance).

Boston, Massachusetts Shark Charters:

As the heat of summer sets in, Blue Sharks, Makos, Porbeagles and Thressors reside in the bait filled waters of New England's Stellwagen Bank. It is not uncommon to catch a shark over 400 plus pounds.

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