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AnglerFish Guides - Boston Harbor Fishing Charter Boat in Quincy, MA:

AnglerFish Guides is a Boston Harbor Fishing Charter Boat / Guide Service that is focused on providing expert instruction and guidance so that each of our clients has a memorable day on the water. We fish in and around the beautiful and historic Boston Harbor. All equipment is provided and all ages and experience levels are welcomed. The charter boat is located just 6 miles south of downtown Boston at Marina Bay in Quincy, MA. Please look through our site's pictures, videos and information. We look forward to seeing you aboard this summer for your Boston Harbor Fishing Trip.

AnglerFish Guides aims to make each Boston Fishing Trip:

"An Experience of a Lifetime!"

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Our Target Species: Fish We Catch

Striped Bass: (Stripers)

Best Boston Fishing: Mid May - October

Boston Harbor of Boston, Ma is one of the very best places in the world for fishing for Striped Bass. Fly-Fishing, Light Tackle, Live Bait and countless other methods can be used for targeting this incredible gamefish. While they are delicious table fare, we prefer to catch & release (and occasionally take a picture) of the vast majority of the Stripers we catch. We see fish in all size ranges, from babies to 40 and 50 pound trophies.

Bluefish are just nasty fish, meaner than a snake with teeth that can cut through bone. We have seen huge bluefish in Boston Harbor over the past few seasons. They are fun to catch and fight harder than fish 3X their size. We mostly catch them while fishing for stripers. Some people love their oily flesh, some people would rather eat the lure they caught them on.  

Bluefish: (Blues)

Best Boston Fishing: June - October

Boston Harbor Stripers with AnglerFish Guides

S14 Ep 2- Boston Harbor Stripers Full Episode With millions of bait fish pouring into the harbor, hungry striped bass and ravenous bluefish go on the attack. On The Water’s Kevin Blinkoff and Captai...

Best Boston Fishing: Mid April - July

Boston Harbor was once widely known as the flounder capital of the world. The waters around Boston provide nearly perfect habitat and structure for fishing for flounder. Catching flounder is fun for all ages and make for an excellent meal. Winter flounder are the perfect cure for the cabin fever of a long winter. Book your Spring Fishing Charter Today. We begin our charter fishing season in mid-April chasing these flatfish.

Best Boston Fishing: June - November

The biggest and baddest fish of them all. The waters outside of Boston Harbor have an incredible population of Bluefin Tuna. We see the full range of sizes, from 50 pounds up to half a ton. It is hard to describe what fighting these fish is like, it's just something that you need to experience... & you will see whales on these trips.

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